Review- Tastmate Jar Opener

           Do you have trouble opening jars? Maybe you have arthritis, a sprained/broken wrist/hand. or just need help getting it opened. I have found a jar opener that actually works like it says it does, the Tastmate Jar Opener.

I have RA so opening any jar can be painful, so I usually just have my boyfriend open them for me. But when hes not home and I need a jar open right away it takes me forever, so I usually just forget it until he gets home if I cannot get it using pliers. This means I have to find something else to eat. I’ve bought many jar openers over the years but they never work and many have broken on me. For someone on a tight budget, spending $15 or more on a product that doesn’t work gets really frustrating.

I love the Tastmate Jar Opener because it is easy to use and opens all sizes of jars. 
Ever have to cut off the lid to a mason jar that sat too long? It is perfect at opening mason jars, so also good to have if you like canning.

I highly recommend the Tastmate Jar Opener and I think it should be in every household. And the best part is it’s under $10 and if you have prime you get free shipping. Check it out here —>

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