Review- Ready Tea Cups Disposable White Paper Cups with Green Tea On The Bottom,20 Pack

Are you a tea drinker?
Morning tea?
Night tea?
All-day tea?
We all know how good green tea is for us with all the antioxidants, vitamin B and vitamin E. So I won’t sit here and repeat the facts we know if you want to learn about them there are plenty of medical sites with all that information.

I’m here to talk about Ready Tea Cups 
A perfect 9oz cup of tea any time of the day, the tea is already in the cup
Just add hot water, steep, add sweetener of your choice (or none if you don’t use a sweetener), stir, and drink
People love these so much they sold out on Amazon yesterday before I could order more.
The cups are 100% biodegradable and made from natural paper pulp and plant fibers. So they can be tossed right into your compost piles.
I really hope they get more in stock soon because I only have a few cups left

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