Album review- LEAH – Ancient Winter

Be prepared to journey to another world

If you like native, Celtic, rock, metal, folk, spiritual, fantasy (think GOT, Vikings, SKYRIM) music, then you will love LEAH just as much as I do. She has been called “the metal Enya”. Personally, I feel shes even better than Enya (I still love you Enya, but your music is more what I consider ‘world’ music).

-I have always loved music of all genes-

Growing up I always had headphones on, most people figured I was always listing to 80s pop and rock which I did listen to a lot. But many times I had the soundtrack to Last of the Mohicans or one of my many Native American cassettes popped in, especially when I was ice skating on the pond out back by myself. I have always been drawn to native music because it just calms my soul and it takes me to a time when life just seemed better (not that my life is bad, I love my life and where I’m at). And my friends will tell you I love to support their music and I’m a huge supporter of independent musicians.

-How I found LEAH-

About a year ago a gamer friend of mine, knowing I was into native type music, told me about this other ‘native’ band (when I say native I mean bands/artists use music from their homelands), The HU, and sent me a video from youtube. After listing to that I let youtube keep playing and they had played one of LEAH’s and I loved it.
Then a few months ago Facebook put one of her posts in my newsfeed and that’s when I became an official fan and bought one of her albums ‘Of Earth & Angels’. And was offered the chance to review ‘Ancient Winter’ so I applied and was accepted. So here we are.

Leah has the voice of an angel, it is hard for me to describe but her voice just surrounds you like a great big hug. I received Ancient Winter just as winter moved in on my mountain. Those who know me know I am not a big fan of wintertime, I cannot just hibernate in the house because I have livestock that has to be spoiled rotten year-round lol. Not to mention the way we live, in a cabin and when the pipes freeze we have to go outside to get water and the outhouse is outside, but that’s for another day/blog. But Ancient Winter has made wintertime a magical time of year again for me, it just warms the soul and reminds me why I moved to this mountain, the beautiful views.




Ancient Winter is a Christmas album that can be listened to any time of the year really and I feel it is suitable for any religion (even the non-religious like me). But it is not your typical Christmas album……


The Whole World Summons-
Light of the World-
Upon Your Destiny-
The Messenger-
Gaudete- (Latin) 
Puer Natus- (Latin)
Noel Nouvelet- (French)

I can listen to this album for hours and hours, sitting outside (even when it’s like 0*F degrees outside lol) on the barn stoop, just staring at the mountains across the way.I’m always listening when I walk down the road to get the mail and lately I’ve been meeting up with this big beautiful owl almost every afternoon. Oddly enough its always while Upon Your Destiny is playing. Maybe he is my new spirit animal? I’ve always been a spiritual person especially with music that touches my soul and all of Leah’s music touches my soul in so many ways. Before I received the album to listen to I was in my normal wintertime depressed stage, between the less daylight, cold, and snow. I spend all summer preparing for winter but I’m never ready for it (and because of all the rain this year I only got half of the barn cleaned 😞), and this year just seemed worse than usual. But as soon as I started listening to this album it seemed like all my worries went out the window. It was snowing and I actually loved the beauty of it again (the first time in a few years) and I wasn’t upset that I might get snowed in on the mountain with no good snacks (luckily it wasn’t a lot lol), it just makes me happy inside and that is the kind of music I love. 

All in all, I highly recommend you get this album, below are all the places you can get it. The LEAH shop has it in vinyl, she also has many other awesome things including handmade items like candles that I think you will also love. I really want to get a pair of boots 😍  once I have some extra money.

Purchase at any of these locations-


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