Product Review-Oiamik Blue Light Blocking Computer Glasses

                                Oiamik Blue Light Blocking Computer Glasses

Why do we need blue light blocking glasses, you might ask?  The blue light of our computer screens is actually harming our eyes. Ever get a headache from sitting in front of your computer screen for long periods of time? Or maybe your eyes are always hurting and you have to keep stopping to rub them? Its been all of the above for me, the worst is the burning eyes. I started using these glasses just over a week ago, I no longer get headaches when using them nor do I have to use eyedrops as much as I do when I don’t use them.

They include everything you need and they can be used directly out the box. They include a little blue light and a tester card so you can see how they work. Two cleaning cloths, instructions and two sheets of temporary tattoos are also included.

Even if you wear prescription glasses you can use these they fit nicely over your glasses.

Over my glasses
Without my glasses

  With the amount of time, I spend at my computer every night these have helped my headaches. And I’m not sure if it is related but I also fall asleep faster. I definitely recommend these to everyone that looks at a computer screen (tablets and phones too) and even you gamers too.

You can get them here —


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