Review- BODYMATE Compression Brace

Do you suffer pain from the lower back, hip, groin, quad, hamstring, or sciatica injuries?
The bodymate compression brace is for you.
It is made to help everything from everyday aches and pain from pulled muscles to helping speed up recovery from surgeries. 
This brace is so soft and flexes with you, unlike some other braces that make you feel like you’re wearing a cast.  And it can be used on either leg.
Comes with a mesh bag to keep it in
I’ve been having hip pain for a few years, it started after I was in a car accident and injured my knee bad. To be honest, this has helped a lot more than I thought it would. On bad days I put it on to get my daily chores done and by bedtime, I’m not all achy.
The only thing I do not like is that I have to remove it to go to the bathroom, but that is the only downside.
They have three different sizes and two colors to choose from, and half the price of what my knee brace cost me.
And if you have Prime you get free shipping 

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