Review-Blank Note Cards Boxed Set

Ever need a card at the last minute and no time to stop at the store? These blank note cards are perfect for any occasion and everyone loves a handwritten note.

The best thing about blank notecards is that you can personalize them any way your heart desires. You can add stickers or use stamps to dress up your note or greetings (just don’t forget to let it dry before folding it up so it doesn’t smudge). You can add your own artwork or doodles. Are you good at calligraphy? That would look wicked awesome, I would love to be able to write fancy like that but my hands shake too much from an old injury 😞. The options to make a special card from the heart are endless with these.

I remember my grandmother always had a box of blank note cards. She used them for our birthdays, thank you cards, get well cards, and even holiday cards to send to other family members.

This set comes with 8 different designs, 8 different colored envelopes and white round stickers to seal them.

These are nice thick cards too, thicker than pre-made cards. Well made to last years. I plan to use mine for handwritten thank you cards to add to orders of our handmade items.

You can order yours here–>

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