Review- Spray Gourmet Liquid Spices

I was given the opportunity to try Spray Gourmet’s liquid cinnamon spray.

I was planning on making this a recipe post but my first one got accidentally deleted after writing it all out. So I decided to try something different and try it again. I screwed up somewhere along the process at no fault of the product so posting it just as a review with photos of my mess and what I think went wrong lol.

I tried making a goat milk caramel sauce with cinnamon. But I picked the wrong day to cook it, it’s summer so our kitchen has moved outside because it makes the house too hot, and the day I cooked it had a slight breeze so I couldn’t put the heat too low or it would have blown out. I am almost sure, when I was melting the sugar the milk started changing to cheese. What I ended up with was a caramel with cheese curds, it tastes good, but the curds give it a really weird texture. I will try again another day.

Let’s get back to Spray Gourmet’s liquid cinnamon spray.

If you use powdered cinnamon you know you need to add a lot to get a good cinnamon flavor, especially if its been on the shelf for awhile. With the liquid spray a little goes a long way and the flavor is so fresh, as if you used a cinnamon stick just picked (or peeled, since it is bark?). I highly recommend it to anyone that cooks/bakes.

Spray Gourmet has 5 different flavors to try at affordable prices, you can save a few bucks if you buy all 5 together as a set (add the set to cart not each by themselves). Pick them up at you will not be disappointed.

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