Review- Dual charging cable

We all have devices that need to be charged daily, which means we have charging cables everywhere.

If you are like me the clutter of wires gets on your nerves because it looks messy

So when I found this duel charger I bought it right away. I was so excited that I could turn two wires into one and free up a USB port on my desk. I got the iOS/mini USB one.

Sadly it drains the battery on my iPhone (7 plus), but I think that is more default on the phone itself and not the charger (Apple likes to design their products to only work with their approved accessories, I have bought many 3rd-party chargers and things that wouldn’t work with my iPhones over the years). It does charge my Fire tablet faster than the charger it came with and I love that, plus the color matches perfectly. I would just exchange it for the double mini USB, but I tossed the packaging before using it. So I do not suggest getting the iOS/mini USB combo so go for the double mini USB or Mini USB/type C.

You can order one here—–

Or on Amazon here—-

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