Spa & Hot Tub Scale Control- Review

If you own a hot tub, you need good chemicals to keep it clean and running good.

We have owned a hot tub for five years now (since we moved here actually). Over the years I have used so many different brands, at different price points, of hot tub chemicals. No matter what we used or tried the seats and bottom always had a yucky slimy feel to them. It was just gross and we always had to wipe the seats down before getting in so we wouldn’t slip.

So when I was given the chance to try the stain and scale control from MAV Aqua Doc. I said why not but figured I would still be dealing with the sliminess since none of the other products I tried helped with that.

I added it in the morning, that night when I went to get in the hot tub I was ready to wipe the seat off as I normally have to do. To my surprise, the seat was not slippery at all. And the added bonus was there was no soot in the water at all. Our water comes straight from a fresh spring up the mountain and it always has a little bit of soot/dirt in it. But this cleaned it all up in about 12 hours and its the clearest the water has ever been. I am so happy I finally found a hot tub product that actually does what it says it does. I am now a lifetime Mav Aqua Doc customer for all my hot tub chemicals.

You can see this and all their hot tub and pool products here–

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