Spa and Hot tub filter cleaner – review

When your water comes straight from the mountain, and your hot tub is all you have for keeping yourself clean, you tend to go through a lot of hot tub filters šŸ˜„. We get lots of dirt and have also gotten the random tadpole, salamander, slug, and many horsehair worms. Kinda comes with living kinda off-grid (we have power, home phone, and internet because they are needed as there is zero cell phone service and solar just won’t give us enough power in the middle of a forest). But I love my life just the way it is and even when things go wrong I wouldn’t change a thing.

Anyway back to the filter cleaner.

I had before and after photos but then my laptop died and I lost them and everything else I didn’t get to back up that week. But it does work great, I plan to try using it on the house filter when that gets dirty (maybe I can update when I do that with photos if I remember too lol). And with the cost of filters these days it is a great thing to be able to extend the life of them to last longer. I highly recommend using MAV Aqua Doc’s hot tub and spa filter cleaner for all your hot tub, spa, and pool filters to save you money in the long run.

Get it, and all your other pool/spa needs here

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