Herbs and Essential Oils Supper Bundle

Herbs and Essential Oils Super Bundle 2020

My all time favorite bundle is coming back!! The bundle that brought me to the Ultimate Bundles family was their Herbs and Essential oils bundle 5 years ago. And 2020’s bundle is just as awesome as the first one I bought from them. But this super bundle has way more and bonuses. This post does contain an affiliate link, I earn a small commission at no addition cost to you. I love and purchase these bundles myself and feel you will love them just as much as I do.

Lets dive into the 2020 Herbs & Essential Oils Super Bundle. You get 18 eBooks, 11 Courses, 6 Workbooks and Printables, and 6 Bonuses.

  • 13 resources on essential oils (worth $306.11)
  • 10 resources on herbs (worth $206.42)
  • 5 resources on natural remedies (worth $65.91)
  • 7 resources on bath & beauty (worth $105.92)


  • *EARLY BIRD* Wellness Sampler Set from Plant Therapy worth $22.95
  • Citrus Lotion Stick and Natural Lip Balm from MadeOn Skincare worth $15
  • Leather diffuser earrings from The Oil Collection worth $19.99
  • FREE 2 oz Feel Better Fast from Earthley Wellness worth $17.99
  • Skin Relief Salve (.5oz) from Puro Co. worth $15
  • $15 Gift Certificate from Trilight Health worth $15
  • 2 FREE Months of the Gold Membership from Oil-Testimonials worth $30

You get all this for just $37 ($47 if you add the cheatsheets, which I recommend getting). The bonuses alone are worth getting the bundle, I love and use products from all the companies daily (and if you have any allergies to any of the ingredients in any products just send an email to that company before ordering and they will gladly give you one without those ingredients (I’m deadly allergic to citrus and never had an issue getting a replacement, they have added bonuses to many other bundles I’ve purchased)). Then you have the eCourses, learn how to use herbs to boost energy naturally, use herbal teas for winter health, echinacea 101, healthy herbal sweets, using essential oils with pets, essential oils for emotional healing, art and science of essential oils, making bath and spa products, and more. eBooks like dandelion forager, healing kitchen herbs, essential oils DIY, blending guide for aromatherapy inhalers, herbs and essential oils in soap making, and many more. Printables like my favorite the herb study notebook, and the herb garden planner, even a printable to get your kids learning about herbs.

The best part of this super bundle is its perfect for both beginners and those who have been studying herbs and essential oils for years because our learning never ends

It goes on sale Monday November 16 8am EST thru Friday November 20 11:59pm EST!! Get it HERE —–> https://ultimatebundles.com/sale/heosb2020-main#a_aid=5dfef2ce3bf12&a_bid=6280c4a2

Herbs and Essential Oils Super Bundle 2020 Countdown Timer

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