Review- LAKIBOLE 32 oz Water Bottle

Do you drink enough water every day?

I am the worst at drinking enough water every day, which gets me dehydrated often. I have decided its time to start having more healthy habits because I do not like the feeling of being dehydrated or run down. I just do not have time for feeling ill, my animals do not like it when I oversleep never mind being sick lol. And when I am dehydrated I tend to oversleep, and my body aches all over so I get a slow start to my day.


With kidding season coming up and more babies on the way, I decided it is time to start focusing on my health too (I am so focused on the animals’ health I tend to forget about myself). I have been trying to drink two full bottles of water each day, so far I am up to one full bottle and I can feel a difference.

The best things I love about the LAKIBOLE water bottle:

  1. carry strap and a clip for hands-free carry
  2. does not leak (all the other water bottles I’ve tried always leak on me)
  3. flip-top lid, easy to open with one hand (unless your hands are frozen lol)
  4. I like the feel of the bottle, its odd but its not hard plastic or glass, its just soft and fits in my hand nicely. 
  5. comes in 3 colors

You can get one here

P.S. If you are looking to help your health stay tuned, I have a great deal I think you will love. I hope to have that blog post up this weekend.

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