Farm blog/Review-ECOPlugs Yard Stake Timer

                                               Why we love these outlets!

I came across these remote control outlets just over a year ago, and I wish I had found them sooner. I just got my second one, and I have two without remotes.

If you own a coop or small barn having one of these is really nice especially during the winter months when it gets dark early. You can either hook it up to lights outside your coop, barn or the building or inside. I have one set up on the timer, dusk till dawn, for lights outside of both the coops and the one on the barn is on at dusk but shuts off after a few hours. And I have one set up for inside my Bantam coop so I can turn on their lights from the house, we keep the remote on the desk in front of the window. It’s really helpful when I have full hands going in to tuck them in at bedtime and then my boyfriend will turn the lights on so I can see. I sometimes forget to put them on before going outside because it’s still a bit light outside. But by the time I get to the Bantam coop, it’s usually dark because everyone has to get their bedtime cuddles here (all of the animals here are spoiled rotten lol).

               In the video is the bantam coop and you can see the outside lights too.


I’m thinking about using the new one for a few lights inside and one outside of the barn so when kidding season is here I won’t have to walk in the dark to check on the girls. It’s bad enough that it will be really cold outside by then. Keep your eyes open for my youtube channel (I’m working on now, just need to learn a little more on how my video editing software works). I hope to be posting some videos of kidding season this time around 


You can also use these for your holiday lights and have them on a timer or use the remote and put them on and off as you feel like it. Or like us use them around the yard just to help make your busy life a little bit easier.
Want to order one? You can get them here you can pick from one with or without a remote and the best part is if you have Prime you get free shipping.



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